Projektbereich A: Generische Prozesse und Messtechnik

Research Area A: Generic processes and diagnostics

Chemically reacting flows are influenced significantly by the presence of walls. This applies to various processes of practical and scientific relevance, such as the formation of pollutants or deposits which are influenced by the presence of walls and catalytic effects. For this reason near-wall reacting flows impact innovative concepts in the fields of energy conversion processes (internal combustion engines, gas turbines, power plants) and chemical engineering. Despite the relevance of near wall reactive flows, underlying mechanisms and their mutual interactions are presently not well understood.

These underlying mechanisms (e.g. film evaporation and spray-film interaction in multiphase-flow, near-wall combustion) are investigated in simplified, generic environments within five subprojects in research area A. The results of these investigations are needed in order understand the processes as well as to validate the models and simulations of research area B.

Furthermore, new laser-based measurement techniques for measuring near wall thermo-kinetic and fluid-mechanical parameters (e.g. temperature, species concentration, flow field) are developed within this project area. These techniques will be used for the investigation of the lead examples of project area C.