Internal Combustion Engine Simulations using OpenFOAM

A two-day meeting in Milan, Italy


The institute STFS at TU Darmstadt and the ICE group of Politecnico di Milano co-organize the 4th two-day meeting on Internal Combustion Engine Simulations using OpenFOAM technology. The meeting will take place on 13–14 February 2020 in Milan.

OpenFOAM is now a consolidated platform for computational fluid dynamics whose capabilities are continuously extended thanks to its object-oriented structure, making it a very efficient platform for the development of advanced numerical and physical models. This Two-Day Meeting is dedicated to engineers and researchers using the OpenFOAM technology for the simulation of internal combustion engines. Presentations from universities, research institutes and industries will address the state of the art, real applications and specific developments related to:

  • in-cylinder flows: gas exchange, fuel-air mixing, combustion, pollutant formation;
  • intake and exhaust systems: after-treatment, unsteady flows, silencers.

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