Gender equality

The SFB TRR 150 identifies itself with the goal of equal opportunities in science and has joined the DFG's research-oriented equality standards.

Gender equality team

The TRR 150 has formed a team to achieve and to sustain the goal of equal opportunities for scientists and scholars:


TU Darmstadt:

In close cooperation with the Service Unit for Gender Consulting of the TU Darmstadt and the KIT a wide range of measures and activities are carried out:

  • Attracting female students to MINT subjects,
  • Excursions and events of mentoring groups for female students,
  • Financing of the participation of female students in workshops on the topics of the SFB/Transregios (early recruiting),
  • Recruitment of employees,
  • Individual coaching of employees,
  • Participation in career workshops for female employees,
  • Establishment of teleworking jobs for parents who are on parental part-time leave or enabling of homeworking jobs for young parents,
  • Coverage of childcare costs to enable one parent to attend an evening event or a special event if required,
  • Financing of a replacement in the event of a family-related absence of a sub-project leader or scientific staff,
  • Support for doctoral students and parents during research stays abroad.