Subproject C07
Numerical investigation of boundary layer flames under the influence of flame retardants


  Name Contact
Federica Ferraro
Dr.-Ing. Federica Ferraro
+49 6151 16-24152
L1|01 285
Arne Scholtissek
Dr.-Ing Arne Scholtissek
+49 6151 16-24143
L1|01 294


The aim of this subproject is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the effect of flame retardants on boundary layer flames. In particular, the effect of flame retardants on the thermochemical state, flame structures and flow dynamics will be analyzed. Numerical models and experience from previous funding phases will be applied and extended to the novel flame configuration. This includes REDIM reduced reaction models and advanced models to describe the transport-reaction processes near the wall. The numerical simulation approaches are validated against experimental data.

More information will follow.