The TRR 150 teams up researchers from the TU Darmstadt and the Karlruhe Institute of Technology to advance the fundamental understanding and modelling of chemical kinetics, complex three-phase flow, instationary near-wall heat transfer and turbulence-chemistry-wall interaction.

Andreas Dreizler,

Our results contribute to the development of efficient, low-emission energy converters or to reduce deposits in energy technology or chemical engineering, for example.

When walls and chemistry interact

The behavior of chemical reactions is exceptionally influenced by walls. This is important for various technologically and scientifically significant processes, such as the formation of pollutants in combustion systems, the formation of depositions interfering chemical processes in energy- and process technology or catalytic effects in general. Processes near walls are tremendously affecting new technological concepts, such as the design and development of new combustion engines, after-treatment of exhaust gases, gas turbines, power plants as well as process engineering. Despite their high importance, the underlying mechanisms as well as their mutual interaction are poorly understood.

These various scientific topics give rise to the overall objectives of the TRR 150, represented by the following three main research areas:

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